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Marketing teams are expected to work as publishers

Because of the rise of search engines and information at our fingertips, the only way to get infront of your customers and to stay in their mind is through generating heaps of quality content.

Companies who increase their content output overall generate 2x better results.

Moz reported that adding 100,000 words per month can add 150,000 new visitors to your site every month. That is 150 visitors per month per new 100 words.

A recent study by Hubspot shows that doubling your blog content from 200 posts to 400 posts can increase your visitors 200% and your leads 300%.

The more content you have on your site, the higher your rankings, a typical 1st ranked page on google has 2000 words on average.

Unified platform designed to increase your content output

MixCopy – Content Marketing Platform is a complete solution for content ideation, content management and content publishing. The platform can be used by both content marketing agencies and end marketing clients to manage their whole content lifecycle.

MixCopy’s unique Smart bots work as your team and help you come up with new ideas, ways to organize your content, publish your content to different platforms and keep track of your content goals.

Request a demo to see how MixCopy can reduce time spent on content while increasing overall content for your organisation.

MixCopy Content Marketing Platform Features

Our Content Marketing Software makes it easy for you to generate content, assign it to a writer, check readability, publish it and check the stats. Here are some of the features of the software. Please click on learn more to know more about each feature in detail.

Content Ideation

MixCopy makes it really easy to come up with content ideas on the go. Lets eradicate one of the biggest issues with content, writers block.

Content Management

Do you have too many content ideas and no way of organizing it effectively. Let MixCopy arrange the content and tell you when its ready to be published.

Content Publishing

Connect your existing blogs and social media to MixCopy so that your content is publised to multiple platforms at once. No jumping between platforms.

Content Analytics

We have simplified content creation so that you can jump into the content details and reports. See how successful your content is or what needs to improve.

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