MixCopy – Features

MixCopy, Smart Content Generation and Management Platform makes it really easy for you to come up with ideas, put them in production and publish them to different mediums.

Content Ideas

Having a hard time coming up with new content ideas? No problems. Have a look to see how MixCopy’s smart bots help you come up with new content ideas quickly and effectively.

Smart Content Management

A serious content marketing effort takes a serious content management system. MixCopy’s smart bots help you assign content, approve content and put content based on content stages to give you an unparalled management and visibility over your content.

Content Marketing and Publishing

Content usually needs a lot of eyeballs and revisions before it can be published. MixCopy Content Marketing software helps you find any red flags in content, pad up content using existing library of content, review the content for SEO, approve the content and one click publish it to your blog.

Content Reporting and Analytics

On top of analysing all your existing content, MixCopy has integrations with your Analytics tools and inbuilt rank tracking to help you connect the dots between your keyword to conversion with your newly generated content. Our smart bots also track your progress and help you identify the right metrics and review your efforts.

MixCopy Content Platform Stats in a Glance


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