Content Reporting / Analytics

What makes a great content copy? Something that pleases Google and your target customers. 

Content Analysis

MixCopy analyses your content to make sure its good to go on your website. It will check SEO metrics as well as readability to make sure that it will be liked by Search Engines and enjoyed by your visitors.

Readabilty Analysis

MixCopy does a number of Readability analysis to grade your content for user friendliness.

Content Similarity

MixCopy will also check your content against existing content to make sure that your content is unique and not like your other content.

Content Analytics

MixCopy will connect with your Google Analytics to give you content based and success based metrics on your content.

Lets look at how our content has influenced our Keyword Rankings.

MixCopy Content Platform Stats in a Glance


Content Created


Social Posts


Words Generated



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