Content Generation / Ideation

The first step to successful content marketing strategy is content. There are 2 hurdles for companies trying to run a content marketing strategy: Generating new content  and Finalising the content for publishing. MixCopy aims to make both those processes easier. Here, we will look at the first hurdle, Generating new ideas. 

Generating new Ideas

Generating new ideas is harder than most people think. Unless you are really creative and understand the problems of your target market, it is not easy coming up with new ideas every few days. MixCopy has Topic Suggestions and Inspiration board to get you over this hurdle. You can also one click on ideas that you like to assign them to your team and kick start your next content piece.

Using Title Suggestions

Once you log into MixCopy , go into Topic Suggestions to get Topic suggesions for the keywords you are tracking. MixCopy provides 4 topic suggestions per keyword per page. If you are not happy with the suggestions, you can refresh the page and get a fresh set of suggestions.

External Content Suggestions

Not happy with the suggestions MixCopy provides? We also have links to external suggestion platforms that you can use. Currently we are using UberSuggest and you can click on the UberSuggest button to get suggestions from UberSuggest website.

Using Inspiration Board

Remember when we asked you for links to inspirations and competitors? Your MixCopy instance has been setup with all the content from those inspirations and competitors. Click on Inspiration board to see these suggestions. 

Keep an eye out for Competitors

Find out what content your competitors are pushing out and how frequently using MixCopy.

Lets have a look at the inspiration board to see what content we should come up with.

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