Content Management

The second hurdle to successful Content Marketing is getting the content ready to publish.  Here is how MixCopy can help.

Content Stages

MixCopy includes multiple stages in the content to get it pushing to the bottom of the publishing funnel. This includes idea, scheduled content, approved content and published content. 

Adding Content

MixCopy keeps track of how far you are with your content and visually informs you about when your content is ready to be published. 


Everytime you update your content, we keep a revision copy, so if you make a mistake, you can always go back to an earlier copy.

Calendar and Scheduling

MixCopy also shows a visual calendar to help you identify content that is late, scheduled for the week, for the month etc. If it looks a bit empty, its time to go back and use the topic suggestions and generate more ideas.

The content we got from our writer is not very readable, we should get them to simplify.

MixCopy Content Platform Stats in a Glance


Content Created


Social Posts


Words Generated



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