Marketing teams are expected to work as publishers

Because of the rise of search engines and information at our fingertips, the only way to get infront of your customers and to stay in their mind is through generating heaps of quality content.

Companies who do content well generate great results.

Generating 100,000 words per month can add 150,000 new visitors to your site every month. That is 150 visitors per month per new 100 words.

A recent study by Hubspot shows that doubling your blog content from 200 posts to 400 posts can increase your visitors 200% and your leads 300%.

The more content you have on your site, the higher your rankings, a typical 1st ranked page on google has 2000 words on average.

Unified platform designed for Content

MixCopy is built to increase your content output. It’s a single collaborative platform which aims to replace Spreadsheets that you are using to keep track of your content calendar and ideas, Documents for generating those content, Apps for checking SEO and readability, emails for going back and forth on approvals on that content, platforms to create supplementary content and platforms to publish that content. For most digital marketing teams, increasing content output is a time consuming (sometimes hair pulling) process.

Most marketers would rather just put serious content marketing aside because of the complexity of the process.

Smart Content bots that work as your team

At the same time, marketing budgets are shrinking and it takes a considerable team effort to make Content Marketing successful.

MixCopy’s smart content bots work as your team to generate new ideas, check existing content, publish your content and keep you in track of your content goals. They increase the volume of your content while making your digital content efforts faster, error free and less hassle.

Here are 5 topic suggestions based on your key categories. Lets assign a writer.

The content we got from our writer is not very readable, we should get him to simplify.

How about I create automatic facebook and linkedin summaries from the latest content

We don’t have any content target setup, I think we should setup some monthly content targets.

Increase your Content output

MixCopy makes it easy to come up with new content ideas and assign promotions to them. Our one click suggestion to content writer allows you to kickstart a content with a single click from the ideas board.

Multiply your content into different mediums

Generate multiple supplementary posts/tweets and publish them.

Paid search is not always the better alternative

Paid search is getting more expensive while organic search provides better conversions. With an efficient content strategy and marketing coupled with MixCopy, you could make your organic leads cheaper than your paid leads and enjoy the long tail effects.

First Client Advantage

We believe that our early customers will help us provide invaluable feedback which will help us fine tune the platform. As such, we are waiving off Setup Fees and rolling out introductory pricing for the platform for the first 25 customers.

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