MixCopy Digital Marketing Dots Update Dec 2020

A silver lining to a coronavirus lockdown is that you can finally focus on rolling out the features that customers have been asking for. We have been busy setting up, testing and rolling out these features in our Content Marketing platform MixCopy. 

The latest release “dots” connects the digital marketing dots. Imagine digital marketing channels as little dots: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, emails. The latest release of MixCopy connects all those dots.  Your content team can now from a single interface publish to your blog, publish to Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn and also send out brand templated MailChimp emails. 

We added a ton of new features on this latest release 

Setup Mailchimp emails from directly inside MixCopy

Your content marketing team doesn’t need to get out of MixCopy at all. Even your content writer can now setup emails that you can push out via mailchimp. MixCopy allows your team to seamlessly work on blog content, social media and email marketing. Things you can do with MixCopy and Mailchimp:

  • Setup a brand templated email in MixCopy
  • Make and edit changes to the email 
  • Push email to Mailchimp from MixCopy
  • Send out tests via Mailchimp directly from MixCopy 
  • Get approval to send out the main email
  • Push out email (through Mailchimp or MixCopy)

Research content topics and get Ideas 

Hitting a writers block? Our content topic ideas gives your content team a ton of ideas to refer to as they are writing the content. It even lists similar ideas and what questions people have been asking to give you better ways to produce quality content. 

Connect up to 6 social media channels

You can now connect up to 6 social media channels (Facebook pages, twitter accounts and LinkedIn accounts) so that when you publish your social media content, it will push out to those channels. 

Schedule your Social Media posts

You can also now schedule your social media posts. Our AI can help you create social media posts from your content and schedule a post  a day for the next month for example. We prefer to schedule all our social media posts for the month in advance. 

Recurring Social Media Posts

You can also now setup recurring social media posts that will go out at the designated day and time of the week. 

Take your content marketing to the next gen with MixCopy

MixCopy now works with all of your content in one central location. It brings together blog posts, social media posts, emails, nurture emails, content campaigns within one interface to help you push out a consistent brand message regularly. With our suite of AI helpers, MixCopy dramatically reduces the time and complexity required to work with your content marketing. With our latest update, it is now even easier to create, publish and convert your content marketing. 

MixCopy – Content Marketing Platform

MixCopy – Content Marketing Platform is a complete solution for content ideation, content management and content publishing. The platform can be used by both content marketing agencies and end marketing clients to manage their whole content lifecycle. Book a Demo here.

See MixCopy in Action

Most companies who have looked at MixCopy have mentioned that the platform does the work of 5 or 6 different platforms that they have been using in the past. Setup a demo with one of our content strategists to see firsthand how MixCopy can improve your content output and get more strategic with your Content Marketing. 

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