A Small Step for man – A New Dawn for MixCopy Content Marketing

With  rainy April, came a whole slew of updates to MixCopy. The new updates have turned our start-up offering from a Content Marketing platform to a Revenue focused Strategic Content Marketing Platform.

Nicknamed “A New Dawn” release, here are some of the numbers from April for the platform.

A quick note that we will be doing a monthly MixCopy update which talks about new brands that are using the platform, how many words are generated from the platform and how many social media posts. We will also add a quick 30 second video if you are strapped for time.

MixCopy Updates for April 2020

We added 14 New Features to MixCopy in April

The dev team added 2 major Features  and 12 minor updates to MixCopy. MixCopy has now moved from being a Content Marketing Platform to a Revenue focused Strategic Content Marketing Platform.

1 new brand now using MixCopy

We have added a new brand, now using MixCopy to improve and speed up their content marketing.

+54 new social media posts

MixCopy’s voicebot makes it easy to roll out Social Media Posts. Voicebot has created and published 54 new social media posts in April.

30,000 new words written in MixCopy

A whopping 30,000 new words were written in MixCopy for the month. With the addition of all the new features, we expect this number to keep growing over time.

53 new articles added

Clients added 53 new articles to the MixCopy Content Marketing platform for the month across multiple brands.

A quick thank you

There were a number of Marketing experts who provided feedback to improve the platform in the last few months and we want to say a quick thank you to them. We won’t list the names but you know who you are. Thanks for the feedback which we appreciate and roll out on the platform.

Generate more content and more leads

MixCopy – Content Marketing Platform is a complete solution for content ideation, content management and content publishing. MixCopy’s smart bots can help you generate new ideas, manage them, publish them and measure their effectiveness.

See MixCopy in Action

Most companies who have looked at MixCopy have mentioned that the platform does the work of 5 or 6 different platforms that they have been using in the past. Setup a demo with one of our content strategists to see firsthand how MixCopy can improve your content output and get more strategic with your Content Marketing.

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