MixCopy Smart Content Marketing Platform Release Candidate

We are now entereing Release Candidate for MixCopy. This will be the last test version before we go live with the content marketing software for General Release. Here are the improvements since Beta Release. We are trying to coincide the overall release just around the new year, lets see how we go.

Lot of Bug Fixes

We tried to be fast and tried to introduce a lot of new features. What we got was a lot of bugs and also a lot of existing bugs in the current beta release. So we have spent a fair bit of time improving the core platform to make it bug free. There are still some bugs, but most of them have either been zapped or squashed. With all the bug fixes, it looks like the content marketing platform will be ready for release soon.

Client/Department Selector

We are now integrating the client selector strongly, so that means that if you haven’t selected a client, you wont see a lot of content pop up. However if you only have one client, you wont even know that this functionality exists.

Content Calendar

The content calendar now has upto 6 months of content so you can plan and schedule your content better. We are thinking of adding the whole year and that might make it out in the following releases.

Keyword Rankings

We have now introduced keyword rankings directly in the dashboard so you can see how your keywords are ranking in Google.

New Images in the Image Gallery

We have added about 50 new images in the image gallery making it pretty robust and visual. All the images at this stage are business focused as we have had a lot of interest from technical clients, but we will add more images as we get more interest.

MixCopy – Content Marketing Platform

MixCopy – Content Marketing Platform is a complete solution for content ideation, content management and content publishing. The platform can be used by both content marketing agencies and end marketing clients to manage their whole content lifecycle.

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